Code Video Production

After taking over the VideoChatScript product we have spent the last 3 months fixing and improving the software based on our analysis and also based on the important feedback that we got from existing and potential customers. Video Chat Software is under continuous development and the feedback and ideas we get from the people testing it will greatly improve our future releases. Please do not hesitate to test our product on the demo page and tell us what you think and what you believe that needs to be improved.

Added or improved features in version 2.5

Ghost(voyeur) viewer in videochat mode

If you are the studio owner or the admin of the site you can watch a model and she/he is not aware of this. Also you can send messages to a model and the guests or viewer will not see these messages.

Model capture image

Option to save model screen capture during free shows (instead of static picture as it was in 2.0)

Stream Security

Hide the stream name (when someone knows the stream name can connect to the stream free of charge); in fact all private parameters for streams are now really PRIVATE. This increased the security of the flash script.

Model - sound alert

When an user (guest or not) joins to a model cam, the model will hear a sound alert on her computer.

Recorded shows - fix and sound

When a model adds a recorded show it will also record the sound. We have also fixed some other problems related to the Recorded shows (like not displaying the recorded shows).

Sound volume selector in model cam viewer

You can now adjust the sound volume level when the model streams with sound.

Zoom option in model cam viewer

You can zoom now the video area (bug fix).


The user and model is now required to confirm he/she is the owner of the email. Until the email is not confirmed, the account is not active. Security improvement.

Admin and Studio Admin

When you set a model as being active/inactive an email is sent to the model with the announcement.

Studio Admin

You can activate/inactivate your own models.

Studio Admin

You can see a list with payment requests and update stautus for them (paid / unpaid / canceled / pending).

User kick / user ban - Video chat area

A model can kick off or completly ban an user from accesing the video chat.

Video chat area - Cam-To-Cam bug fix

Fixed issues with the video stream. You can leave a cam2cam chat - fixed.

Wallet bug fix - Video chat area - Cam-To-Cam

The value of money in wallet are now correctly updated.(bug fix)

Photo gallery for models - Gallery

Improved interface. You can now navigate to previous/next photo in gallery with a modern interface.

Added or improved features in version 2.0

Multi-language support

in your admin area you can define multiple languages for your website. All you have to do is add a language and then modify the texts for that specific language. The front-end will automatically see that you added a new language and will show the created language and the new texts that you added.

Video Broadcast Settings

there are 3 main settings you can modify. You will therefore modify the maximum bandwidth to be used by the models when broadcasting. You have the posibility to edit the Low, Medium and High settings and the models will be able to choose these settings from their broadcast interface.

Accounts registration

this has been greatly improved especially for new model registration and a better organization of the representative, thumbnails and id images.

Speed optimizations

we used some advanced techniques like AJAX in order to make the site faster and improve it's usability.

Affiliate system

improvements for this module now allow the affiliates more control over the users they brought to the site, visits and unique visits.

Better model broadcast interface

this will allow the model more control over the users she has in public (will have the posiblity to kick or ban some users) and over the quality of the broadcast by choosing between 3 quality settings (that are defined from the admin area): low, medium, high. A new feature was added that will allow the model to resize her chat text. By settings the font to a larger size the chat window will be easier to read from a larger distance.

Funds calculation

In admin area there will always exist a default studio that the models will be registered under (this varies based on the version). The amounts are calculated on each accounts percentage: model fee = model rate per minte * model percentage * studio percentage. All these percentages are set individual: admin can setup studios percentage, studios can setup models percentage. Please be carrefull when setting these percentages (if set to 0 will generate no income to models and/or studios).

Graphical Design

all the html code can be altered along with css and images in order for you to fully customize the template used by the script. You will have to make sure that you keep some of the html flags (more details on FAQ and help) in order to keep the functionality of the script. In the admin area you can now fully customize the way that all the flash applications look like in order to make these fully integrate with your template.

Administrator Area

we gave a lot of attention to this specific area and we reorganized the pages so it will be much easier to get along the admin area. Also we added a lot of new pages that will allow you to have FULL control over your script.

Administrator Area Multilanguage Help System

this was created in order to allow non-english speakers to be able to fully understand how the admin area works and where to change some specific parts of the website.

Nude Chat

we created this feature in order to allow your models, therefore you, to earn more money by having multiple users in a nude chat session. This nude chat session is similar to a multiple private show.

Features in VideoChatScript version 2.0

Public Area:

Home Page

guests or registered users (members) can see the list of all models that appear on the website. As a new feature we added a new filtering system (ajax based - only available on some versions) that will allow the users to view only the models they're interested in.

Models Features:

Broadcasting Studio

this page allows the model to broadcast live video shows. The interface allows the model to turn on/off the sound and the sound alerts (based on certain events). Also the model will have some the posibility to get a users IP address, kick or ban.The model also has the posibility of viewing up to 6 different Cam2Cam user videos simultaneous. The new feature called Nude Chat is a way of chargin the users as they enter the chat. This will allow the model to have some kind of multiple private sessions therefore increasing the income. As a new feature we added the posibility to increase the font size in order to make the text more readable.

Picture Gallery

the model can upload unlimited pictures to the gallery or take screenshots from her web cam. She can choose a representative picture that will be shown on the models profile page and on the live/all models pages.


the model is seeing the amount earned, and can request a payment. The payment requrest will appear in the models studio account and the studio will therefore have te posiblity to accept or deny a payment request made by a model.


the model can schedule her appereances with a improved calendar system. The model will have the posibility to select the dates and then the hours on the fly without having to refresh the page every time.

Private Message Inbox

the model can compose and receive messages from the users. Composing a new message is now much faster because of the improved system that uses AJAX for sending the new messages.

Members Features:

All/live Models

The users can see a list of available models (online/offline) and apply some filters that will allow him to view only the models his interested in.

Models' Public Area

the user can view and chat with the models in public, access the models' profile, picture gallery, schedule, recorded shows and add her as a favorite (different on some versions). As a new feature we added the posibility to increase the font size in order to make the text more readable.

Models' Private Area

the user can start a private show with the model. Without having to go into private chat the user can also start a cam2cam broadcast with the model.


this is where the user can see his funds or add extra mondey to his virtual wallet.

Favorite Models

the user can manage his favorite models and see the current status of the models.

Show History

the user can check his private shows history and the recorded shows he purchased.

Private Message Inbox

the user can send or receive messages to/from the models.

Studios Features:


this is where the studio is able to see the current funds and request payments to the site Admin. His fund request will appear in Admin -> Payment Requests, and site Admin can reject the payment request, or after he's done the payment he can mark it as sent. He will also be shown a list of payment requests along with the amount and the current status.


the studio will have the posiblity to modify the personal account informations.

My Models

the studio is able to view live his models and to check his models' stats in real time. He will also have the posiblity to add new models or edit the current models profiles.

Show History

this will allow the studio to check all the private sessions his models had and filter them by date.

Affiliates Features:

Promotional Materials

the script is providing an affiliate link, and some sample promotional materials (that can be replaced with real ones) that website owners can use.


this will allow the affiliate to check the current statistics of his account. This feature has been improved and will allow the affiliate to filter the dates for statistics and check all the advanced statistics like visits, unique visitors, rate of signup etc.


this will allow the affiliate to make a payment request and view the current payment requests along with the amount and current status.

Administrator Features:


this category contains all type of accounts that are created on the site and offers the administrator to modify these accounts or create new ones (studios).


this page will allow the administrator to fully customize the categories for the models. This will appear on the first page and will allow the users to filter the models in order to see only the models his interested in (single, duom group etc.).

Country flags

this category contains pages that will allow the administrator to manage the languages of the website (multilanguage support), the flags from which the models can choose the spoken languages (the flags will appear in the all/live models lists in order to show the users a quick information about the spoken languages) and the censored words for the website (the models chat will be filtered by these words).


this category contains all the pages required for fully customizing the website templates. This will allow you to enter the texts for the languages you use for the website along with all the templates for the flash applications.


this page will allow the administrator to send newsletter to certain account types (filter the receivers).


this will allow the administrator to check the payment requests (of studios), payments made (by the users) and also to send payments (that were not requested) to the studios. This will also allow the administrator to make some chargebacks from studios (by entering a negative amount).


this category contains pages that will allow the administrator to modify the settings of the website (both php and flash settings).


this category contains the pages that will allow the administrator to see all the website statistics along with the ability to check a users private shows list and a refund functionality. The refunds will then appear under a page that will allow the administrator to check all the refunds made to users.

Studio Prices

this cattegory will allow the administrator to customize the prices from which the studios can choose when modifying the cost per minute for their models.

IP Addresses

this pages will allow the administrator to block or allow a certain IP or Country.